Best Trees for Small Gardens
How To Buy The Best Ornamental Garden Trees

There are a lot of homeowners who think that their gardens are too small for tree planting; however, this is totally achievable. Just by searching the Internet, you can find the best trees for small gardens, such as dwarf, multi-stem trees, and more. However, the real challenge here is how to choose the best tree species and ensure it will survive.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing garden trees. You must know these things so that your trees can live healthily and beautifully, giving your garden a fresh look. To help you with your shopping, here are the things you should take into consideration when buying garden trees.

Evaluate what obstructions are present

You must first plan how to do proper placement for your trees before planting them. Even if you're opting to get a small tree, poor placement can still give you a headache in the future as it may lead to tree roots and branches growing towards structures, like your garden walls or home.

Before you plant your ornamental garden trees, be sure to know the tree's height at maturity, as well as its crown spread and root space. Keep in mind that trees, even small ones, often require more space compared to your other garden plants. If you're not sure what to do, ask the tree experts about the sufficient amount of space your tree needs so it can continue to grow healthily while keeping your structures safe.

Think seasonally

What's going on in your garden in the spring can be drastically different than in the fall or winter. Know if there are any changes in your tree's condition during certain seasons and if so, think about the best place to plant them.

For instance, consider whether the tree is deciduous or evergreen. If the fall season arrives, do you think its falling leaves or needles will be too much of a problem if you plant it in a certain location, say near the garden entrance? However, keep in mind that a deciduous tree is preferable if you are planting on the south side of your house to provide even a small shade from the west summer sun.

Seasonal colour

Some of the best trees for small gardens have leaves that change colour during the fall season. Others bloom in the spring or summer, and add a delightful fragrance, too. Do you have any preference for fall or spring colour? If you do, then make sure to ask the tree nursery you are buying from which one to get based on the colour that you want.

Site exposure

Is it full sun? Full shade? A combination? Are there over-story trees already present? Or is the space vacant? The exposure of your potential tree is a crucial thing to consider, or else, a lot of time, money, and energy invested will all come to naught if the tree wouldn't even survive in your garden in the first place. With a little research, the correct tree can be selected.


Just because there are tons of ornamental cherries in the neighbourhood doesn't mean you should add one more. Homeowners aren't the only ones that like popular trees; insects and diseases spread easier among mass species plantings. Find an alternative tree species to cultivate in your garden. Doing so will reduce the chances of infestation and disease, allowing other tree species to thrive.


Even small or ornamental garden trees also grow outward as well as upward. The canopy shape ranges from a rounded shape, a pointed shape, or an umbrella-like shape, to name a few. Branches in a tree's canopy grow outward; you plant such a tree close to your garage or house, its branches will soon grow and may scrape against your window. Consider how wide a tree's canopy grows as well as how high it grows before selecting your tree.

There are a lot of things you should think about when choosing the best trees for small gardens. Just by referring to the guide above, you can find high-quality trees that can transform your garden into a whole new level and impress your house guests. What's more, tree planting can give fresh air and reduce soil erosion in your garden so that the other plants and flowers continue to thrive. These are just some of the benefits of planting trees in your garden; just make sure that you remember the things mentioned above for an amazing landscaped garden.

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